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About Us

Located in metro Atlanta, GA, the driving force behind our company is a young woman seeking to make other women look great! It's as simple as that. Guided by a passion for fashion, she has a degree in Fashion Merchandising and Design and has developed a keen sense of design, fashion trends, and an eye for quality.

Our corsets are designed and selected to maximize your appearance whether in a business, casual, or club setting. We offer a large selection of quality steel boned corsets, waist cinchers, and other shapewear to help give most body types that hourglass shape in minutes.

We Offer:

Durable and attractive corsets to slim the body and conform to a fashionable silhouette – frequently emphasizing a curvy figure by reducing the waist by several inches and exaggerating the bust and hips. They are designed for tight lacing and flexibility.

Underbust corsets – begin just under the breasts and extend down toward the hips. They pull in or cinch the waist and push the breasts up and out.

Overbust corsets – extend from just under the arms toward the hips (enclosing the torso). They pull in or cinch the waist and breasts have a “pushed in” look that increases the cleavage line.  “Standard length corsets” will stop short of the hip bone and is ideal for a shorter torso and for increased flexibility.  Our most durable, high quality corsets are constructed with spiral steel busks and boning for quality, three layers of fabric, and a heavy duty busk closure. No plastic boning or zipper closures. Real corsets tend to have lacing in the back to close the piece and are not to be compared with fashion corsets that may provide almost no support or waist reduction. Our corsets are durable and can give you a lifetime of wear with proper care.

Waist cinchers – visibly reduce and flatten the midriff, especially following pregnancy and post surgeries such as tummy tucks or liposuction. Our waist cinchers are made with three separate linings, including a middle latex lining for slimming reinforcement in the waist, back and hips. Some have adjustable straps to ensure a great fit and an inner, breathable cotton lining for extra comfort. Improved posture can be another added benefit.

Quality Corsets - designed to last a lifetime with proper care and treatment. If you experience a manufacturing defect with your corset, we will replace it.

Return Policy

We offer a 15 day return policy. See Returns/Exchanges.


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