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Corset conventions and corset events

Corset conventions, corset events, or corset affairs...whatever you want to call it corset wearers share stories and and ideas!  Several times a year events are held to celebrate the timeless garment we call corsets.  You'll see many styles and many people from all walks of life coming together with one common goal.  The goal is to share corset styles from eras of the past now referred to as steampunk corsets, gothic style corsets, of contemporary corsets from the present as well as futuristic or sci-fi styled corsets.  We'll list a few of the events that we know of for your convenience.  If you know of some we do not list here or if you sponsor such events please let us know so we can post a link to your website!  Check back often to see what's been added.  Be sure to send photos if you attend!

To announce an event or comment on one you attended contact us using the form below!