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Storing and Cleaning Your New Corset


Since moisture can damage your corset, please be sure it's completely clean and dry before storing. We recommend wearing something under a corset, like a chemise or camisole, to help absorb perspiration and body oils.

If you store in your drawer, do not roll up the corset and limit exposure to sharp objects that can damage it. Do not place heavy objects on top of it.


We recommend dry cleaning your corset. We do not recommend washing it. Let your professional drycleaner know it has steel boning. Do not dry clean too frequently because it can cause wear and tear.

All vinyl and leather corsets must be dry cleaned. Ask the drycleaner if they have experience with vinyl and leather.

Spot Cleaning

Use plain water and a gentle cleanser. Make sure you test on the inside first. Only store after the corset is completely dry.


Recognizing that drycleaning can become expensive, if you must wash it, please hand wash only. Do not machine wash or tumble dry. Corsets with steel boning and water don't mix well and the motion in a washer and dryer can damage your garment.
Use only lukewarm water (hot water can shrink the garment). Do not bleach. Use as gentle a cleanser as possible. Gently and quickly wash and rinse thoroughly but do not wring. After washing and rinsing, lay on a towel and use another towel to sponge away as much water as possible. Hang the corset over a plastic (no metal) hanger with the decorative layer facing up.

Airing the Garment

If your garment has been exposed to cigarette smoke, you may want to air it out by hanging on a plastic hanger for a day or so. You may want to use a refreshing spray like Fabreeze (be sure to test in an inconspicuous place before fully using). Again please test first on the inside of the garment to prevent discoloring or damage. Allow the corset to be completely dry before storing.